Claim Bitcoins Now!
Chrome Extension for making money

"Claim Bitcoins Now!" - the fast and easy way to collect Free Bitcoin every day!
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Product features:

  • -Easy to use
  • -Tested Bitcoin faucets with automatic instant payment only
  • -Faucet sites list automatically updated daily
  • -Your bitcoin address is inserted into the input fields automatically
  • -Built-in reminder system

How to earn free Bitcoin with "Claim Bitcoins Now!":

1. Open Chrome

2. Open a tab and click on the Faucet ToolBox icon

3. Fill in your Bitcoin Address. You can get one free here or here
4. Click "Open 10+ Actual Faucets" button
5. Check each tab, fill the captcha and click “Get reward” button

6. The built-in reminder system will flash every 15 minutes.

We wish you a successful earning!